Dossier is an intuitive fleet maintenance management software solution for the surface transportation industry.

The software environment at Dossier is intelligent and automated, connecting sources of data that impact a customer’s fleet. The program is robust with state-of-the-art fleet technologies and systems designed to help operate a fleet at the least amount of cost possible.

What Dossier Do? We empower fleet managers, directors, and executives in virtually every industry with the actionable information they need to manage their fleet. Dossier makes it easy to capture the high volume of day-to-day data typical in a fleet, and then delivers the management tools to measure and analyze the dynamics of the fleet, for both maintenance and operations.

Dossier’s decision support tools help identify opportunities to optimize, focusing on life-cycle costs, productivity, identification of problematic assets, and so much more. Dossier helps busy fleets manage by exception, and identifies those areas where attention is needed. 

The high costs and downtime in maintaining a fleet. No matter the size of fleet, a prospect is looking for systems that can present a high-level view for management that also allows them to drill down to get to the details to control costs and avoid downtime. Dossier lowers costs and downtime by automating control of the customer’s fleet records. It uses real-time data to unlock the hidden productivity and cost savings potential through powerful, customizable reports.

Dossier’s deep library of analytical dashboards and reports delivers results in an actionable format. This reporting can be customized by the fleet such that performance reports specific to sites, regions, lines of business, departments, etc. can be generated on demand or automatically delivered.

Automates control and administration of vehicle fleets
Proactive – provides real-time actionable information
Reduce downtime and maintenance costs, Extend the life of equipment
Reduce parts costs and inventory, Increase productivity
Reduce fuel and tire costs, and cost per mile
Increase admin efficiency & regulatory compliance

The power of Dossier without complexity

In addition to asset management and optimization, Dossier manages related areas such as technician productivity, repair history with easy identification of repetitive repairs, parts/inventory tracking, and ordering, warranty reclamation, compliance, and much more. Dossier is available via the Cloud/SaaS. No longer, customers need to buy/maintain platforms (server-side) software, like Windows Server and SQL Server.